Late Spring

Faire season is upon us. Next weekend we begin travelling down to OKRF to work for T’ger Toggs. My wife works for him at KCRF, and we go down and sell a ton of clothes for him in the spring. We’ve had a few minor changes in our schedule due to other festivals and unmovable events. Of the six weeks that OKRF runs I will be down there three and my wife will be there five.

One of those events is the graduation of our daughter, also known as Claire Up There, from college. She will graduate with a Major in Spanish language and a Minor in Music. She is driven to exceed expectations and she certainly did. Next fall she will begin an ASL program and is looking to work as a translator in the future.

The other events are things I’ve done in the past and with COVID infections on the decline events are really ramping up. I’ll be back at the Renaissance Festival of Nebraska for one weekend in May (May 7-8), and I will be returning once again to the Great Bend June Jaunt event the first Saturday of June (June 4th).

Since Christmas, I’ve been working on organizing my magic library. I had run out of space on my previous bookshelves so I went out and bought a used set of three matching bookshelves. I’ve been working recently on cataloging the books in a format I can access online when I’m away from my office. This will be especially helpful when I’m at an event looking to buy books to make sure I’m not duplicating anything.

Anyway, I’ll see you around. Hope you enjoy the show.

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